• what does Prassumo mean ?  A crew of individuals with different ideas. Who combine art, music, fashion,and todays and yesterdays lifestyle to the present... we are Prassumo thank you for buying art not bullshit!
  • whats does vita Lussuosa mean ? it means life of luxury in italian but to us it means art is a life of luxury for the eyes and mind .
  • whats does late 80s crew really mean? its the name of the crew who designs with me where from 87-89 we grew up mostly in the 90s but are influence by eras reaching far back as the 50s its our signature for our art on some of our pieces we do. 

  • Do you do mass production? no not all items will be mass produce some items will be harder to obtain depending on its color label code which follows
    red (rare)colorway/item 50 pieces and under
    blue (limited)colorway/item 200 pieces and under 
    yellow ( commonly found ) colorway/item 500 and under
    grey ( mass produce ) colorway/item                                                                        
  • what is a ghost release ? it is a pieces that is not apart of the season it could be shirts ,
  •  hats, belts etc. and will be counted as red label items but may not go by the 50 under coloway/items rule . 
  • where can i follow you guys ? on Instagram @Prassumo Facebook LIvePrassumo Twitter @Prassumo
  • Shipping and Policies
  • When will my order ship and how can I track it?
  • Please Allow 7-10 Business Days For Domestic Orders.
  • Please Allow 10-21 Business Days for International Orders.
  • You will receive an email with your tracking info when it becomes available!
  • What is your Terms & Conditions?
  • The terms, policies and conditions (collectively known as “Terms & Conditions”) described below govern the use of this site. Your use and/or placement of any order indicate your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  • No Returns Or Exchanges. All Sales Final.
  • do you sponsor? 
  • yes , Since we are a growing company,  but it would be unfeasible to sponsor every skater ,band, model . Typically we seek out individuals . constantly touring nationally and shooting videos and photoshoot or up and coming individuals .  If you do not fit into the category, your email will not be replied to or ignored. Thanks for your understanding.

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